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We at 307Health are firm believers in the Triple Aim of healthcare. Our beliefs are supported by the Direct Primary Care service model rather than the traditional fee-for-service model.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement describes the Triple Aim as the optimal way to provide healthcare to individuals and communities by focusing on these three areas:

  1. Improve the overall patient experience. The first thing a patient needs to do is trust a provider to get the best-personalized healthcare.
  2. Improve population health. It is vital to focus on systems for preventive care and management of various chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  3. Decrease the Per Capita Cost of Healthcare. According to recent research, DPC is capable of decreasing the per capita cost of healthcare in several ways.

The benefits you can enjoy with us are as follows:

  • As a 307Health member, you can choose how you want to connect with your doctor.
  • The time you spend with your doctor will be uninterrupted and without any hurries.
  • The monthly membership fee is all you have to pay. There's no hidden cost.
  • Your fee includes most physician care services.

Stop your search for the perfect healthcare provider, and enroll with us today to ensure complete peace of mind.

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Dr. Robert Chandler Direct Primary Care
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