Ciampi Family Practice

Ciampi Family Practice

Ciampi Family Practice

We are a primary care practice with a tradition of medical excellence since 1959. Our personal and creative approach does not extend only to medical care. We have adopted a direct primary care membership plan that allows us to provide high quality personalized medical care that is affordable for your family's budget.

Here is how it works:For less than what most people spend on coffee or their cell phones every month, we provide our patients with compassionate, personalized primary medical care services with unprecedented access to their experienced family physician.

This includes 60 minute annual physicals, routine appointments of at least 30 minutes for management of chronic diseases and acute problems, e-mail and phone access, as well as text messaging to our front office staff.We are not like most medical offices that run more like assembly lines than places of healing and caring.

We see our patients as whole people, not just a number or a disease to be treated. We believe that continuity of care is important.

Our patients are always seen by the same experienced physician, rather than one of several "mid-level providers" who have many thousands of hours less training.Our subscription includes not only office visits with no additional fees or copayments, but also access to very inexpensive lab tests, and referrals for discounted x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.

We also offer many generic medications dispensed through our office that are usually less expensive than most people's prescription copayments. Many of our patients save so much money on these services that it more than pays for the subscription itself.

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Dr. Michael  A. Ciampi, M.D.
Dr. Michael A. Ciampi, M.D. Direct Primary Care
Dr. Kara  Ciampi
Dr. Kara Ciampi Direct Primary Care