Coastal Med DPC

Coastal Med DPC

Coastal Med DPC

DPC stands for Direct Primary/Patient Care and is an alternative to the current medical system that limits the time patients have with their physician. DPC allows physicians to establish a trusting personalized relationship with their patients by offering visits in a relaxed and unhurried environment; free of 3rd party intrusions. In a sense, it’s actually similar to how medicine was practiced in the “old days”. Your physician works directly for you and only you.

You pay a low monthly membership fee and this allows Dr. Nadler to limit the amount of patients she sees; this way she can focus more time and attention to each of her patients. Most office visit range from 30-60 minutes where you have her full attention and can have all your questions answered. It also allows Dr. Nadler the time to counsel on healthy lifestyle habits, like diet and exercise which are the cornerstones of health.

Typical doctors carry loads upwards of 2500-3000 patients, especially when supervising non-physician providers. DPC physicians have smaller panel sizes to provide this additional time and attention. At CoastalMED DPC our limit is 600-650 patients. Once we are full we will utilize a waiting list, but will always prioritize friends and family members of our current patients.

*** We DO NOT accept any insurance including Medicare, but you may continue to use your insurance/Medicare for labs, imaging, specialist visits, etc... Dr. Nadler can continue to order tests and referrals as usual ***. Patients with HMO plans cannot participate in a DPC relationship since the HMO participating physician is required to order all tests and referral (if unsure contact your plan).

DPC is just good medicine! Patient members have access to Dr. Nadler with in-office visits, phone calls, email, texting and even virtual video visits. We work around your schedule. We also offer early morning, early evening and weekend visits as needed to get your health back on track without having to miss work.

House calls are included for no additional fee when appropriate, within an established distance from the office and based on availability.Dr. Nadler has chosen this practice style so she can continue to provide the time and attention her patients need and have grown to expect.

As an internal medicine physician she has extensive training in multiples subspecialties of medicine and having more time allows her to provide a broader range of services to her patients. We contract with local and nationally recognized laboratories and imaging centers that offer amazingly low prices to our patients.

We maintain a list of local pharmacies offering discounted and FREE medications to help you save money. We can also order discounted medications for our patient members to pick up at our office and offer several acute care medications (at cost) at the time of your visit.We offer convenient options for care including early morning and after hour appointments to work with your busy schedule.

Home and virtual visits are available when clinically appropriate. Dr. Nadler is available after-hours by phone, text or email for urgent issues. No more waiting for hours to hopefully speak to a nurse. Patient members get direct access to Dr. Nadler's cell phone number and can even text and email. ‚Äč

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Business Hours Mon - Thu: 9:00 AM-4:30 PM
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