Davis Orthopedics

Davis Orthopedics

Davis Orthopedics

At Davis Orthopedics, we’re excited to welcome you to our personalized, patient-centric practice in the heart of Birmingham. Dr. Matthew Davis, together with our amazing and dedicated staff, are proud to offer treatment for everything from ACL tears to tendonosis.

We value building trust with our patients, getting to know people well, and taking care of them for years to come. Whether it’s a one-time injury or a multi-year battle, we’re excited to work with you to help achieve mobility and comfort.

Davis Orthopedics makes every effort to take great care of every patient regardless of their insurance carrier. Uninsured, self-pay, and out-of-network patients are simply asked to pay at the time of visit for their evaluation and treatment. See the Pricing page for details about the cost of the most common treatments.

For most plans, Davis Orthopedics can file an electronic claim, and patients are reimbursed directly from the insurance carrier, according to their out-of-network benefits. Davis Orthopedics can also provide a detailed receipt that patients can submit themselves for insurance reimbursement or for Health Spending Accounts (HSA).

Unfortunately, federal law does not allow patients with Medicare or Medicaid benefits to file a claim for reimbursement for services provided by Dr. Davis. Call (205) 533-6644 if you have questions about your specific insurance plan.

The staff at Davis Orthopedics are happy to help you understand the process! Dr. Davis is also happy to work with patients that are members of Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries.

Dr. Davis understands the needs of patients that are paying directly for their medical care and has arranged discounted pricing for not only his services, but also for diagnostic testing, outpatient surgery, and physical therapy.

Address 7191 Cahaba Valley Rd, 205 , Birmingham
Alabama 35242, United States
Phone 205-533-6644