Evans direct primary care

Evans direct primary care

Evans direct primary care

This is real Healthcare.

✔ Be seen quickly when you’re sick, not at the “next available appointment”

✔ Have a minimum of 30 minutes scheduled with your provider at every visit

✔ Use modern communication tools to avoid coming to the doctor’s office

✔ Pay the lowest possible cost for your care

✔ Have complete transparency on what your costs are

✔ Have a real relationship with your provider

How our Practice Works

  1. We DON’T take any form of health insurance to pay provider fees

  2. We DO love to see patients that have insurance. You need healthcare insurance for hospitalizations, ER and specialist visits, X-rays, Labs, Meds, etc., but you don’t need it to see us.

  3. If you don’t have insurance, we’d love to see you anyway. We’ve negotiated the lowest prices we could for meds, X-rays, labs and specialty care.

  4. We charge a one-time registration fee and low Monthly Fee – that covers most of the care we give.
    You don’t pay by the visit! Why do we do this?

    1. We can focus on you and not the need to bill every possible penny at each visit.

    2. You never have to worry about having enough money to come to the office.

    3. You are not penalized for being sick by having to pay more at the doctor and make less while missing work.

    4. Because we know the monthly cash-flow and don’t pay staff to file insurance, we don’t have to see as many patients as possible each day to keep the office running.

    5. With fewer patients needing to be seen, we can always get you in the clinic when you need to be seen.

    6. We’re also more willing to take care of your issues by phone of via secure messaging so you don’t miss work.

  5. We offer low-cost Lab Tests and Procedures – labs that your insurance pays $75 for, probably cost us (and now you) as little as $4.

  6. We do NOT prescribe routine narcotic (for pain) or benzodiazepine (for anxiety) medications for any new patients. If that’s what you need, this practice is not right for you.

  7. We Do dispense certain generic medications at low-cost from our offices (only available to active patients).


Address 1202 Town Park Lane, 105, Evans
Georgia 30809, United States
Phone 706-739-5848