Evolve Direct Primary Care

Evolve Direct Primary Care

Evolve Direct Primary Care

Evolve Direct Primary Care, one of the first Direct Primary Care models on the East Coast, has been featured in a number of publications.Dr. Freedman was quoted, in an article published in Chesapeake Physician as saying, “This is the future of primary care.”

Dr. Freedman has found other benefits of the Direct Primary Care model. I have a stable income that’s not dependent on the number of people I see each day,” he comments. It’s like a dream come true because I love practicing medicine again.

Evolve Medical Clinic’s Direct Primary Care practice has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from Yelp to Google to a host of other review websites. Evolve has a limited number of spaces they will open, though growth is a possibility, says Dr. Freedman.

Other DPCs, such as Qliance, based in Seattle, has a panel of 50,000 patients.

Almost ALL of the Primary Care and Urgent Care services you will need are FREE.For those rare times you need something more complicated, such as stitches, you’ll get those services at over 70-95% discount compared with average prices nationally.

No service is more than $50 including biopsies, joint injections and sutures. Most services are just $25 extra.

Address 509 S Cherry Grove Ave, Suite B, Annapolis
Massachusetts 21401, United States
Phone 844-322-4222
Business Hours Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM-7:00 PM