Aspirehealth Direct Primary Care

Aspirehealth Direct Primary Care


What does the monthly membership fee cover?

All primary care such as; annual wellness exams, well-child exams, sports physicals, school physicals, pap smears, basic office procedures and testing, along with treatment of acute/chronic illnesses, minor injuries and much more.

It also includes:
- unlimited office visits with no copays
- direct access to your doctor via phone, text, email or video conference
- same day or next day visits
- extended and relaxed office visits
- discounts on pathology, imaging, medications & labs
- online specialist expertise through RubiconMD

All of this without the need of insurance.

What is NOT included?

Pathology, labs, imaging and medications. However, you can expect them all at a discounted rate.

What are the prices?

Please find a complete list of our prices.

Why should I pay a monthly fee if I have insurance?

At a traditional primary care office, you will pay a co-pay to see your physician and on top of that, you will have an office visit charge of about $150. That charge is not including blood work, additional testing or procedures done at the visit. Our blood work is discounted,

procedures and additional in-office testing is covered under the monthly fee (additional charge for pathology or medication). They are no co-pays or office visit charges. We are fully transparent regarding charges. Most insurances are high deductible plans in which majority of patients never reach that in a year so unfortunately there is a lot of out of pocket charges.

Are Aspire Health's monthly fees eligible for HSA or FSA reimbursement?

Many patients find that their DPC fees are reimbursable through their HSA or FSA. Consult your tax advisor for guidance on your particular circumstances.

Would I benefit from DPC if I'm healthy and hardly go to the doctor?

Many people believe they should only treat illness when it happens instead of identifying and preventing disease before it starts. Our goal is not only to see you when you are ill, but to concentrate efforts on preventative care with long-term health and wellness goals. Dr. Tami's focus as a family physician is to help patients find health and wellness on a day to day basis. If you would like to discuss wellness, nutrition, dieting, or exercise plans that are right for you, this is an added component of the membership model.

We all benefit from services tailored to our needs, and your health care should be no different. We will provide you with the care you need to optimize your health and to reach your wellness goals.
Let’s be honest, at some point you will be sick or injured and need acute care. When that happens, you will have immediate access to your doctor who knows your personal health history completely and will take your circumstances into account when developing a treatment plan.
A DPC membership also allows you access to your physician for acute complaints and prevents costly trips to the ER or Urgent Care. Dr. Tami will do her best to keep you out of the urgent care or ER. If you save one ER visit, your yearly fee will pay for itself.

How does employers benefit?

Employers benefit by their employees having unlimited access to their provider. We provide same day or next day appointments, extended and flexible appointment times and follow up appointments that can be provided via video conference or phone call. This decreases the absenteeism from work duties. Other incentives such as; medications at wholesale costs, in-office labs at discounted rates, no copays and no additional cost for procedures or in-office testing. In the end, the employer benefits by lowered premiums due to limit use of the insurance.

Do you give vaccines?

Unfortunately, with a smaller volume of patients, we are currently unable to stock vaccines in our clinic. We are working on potential solutions with our local pharmacies so stay tuned for more updates. If your child needs standard childhood vaccines, we may refer to the Health Department to provide vaccines in the meantime.

What exactly are e-visits?

Visits via phone, text, email or video conference can be more convenient for certain conditions and chronic care. As a general rule, any issue that requires a physical exam we will need to see you in the office. While virtual visits are a great addition to primary care, they still do not replace the diagnostic ability of a physical exam done in the office.

What if the doctor is out of town and I need to speak to her?

In the rare event that Dr. Tami is out of town, she will continue to provide and coordinate your care. When possible, she will arrange for another physician to see you if needed.

Who does the membership plan work best for?

It works especially well for those who want to participate in improving their health and staying well, including:

  • Patients desiring easy and direct communication with their doctor.
  • Patients who want a doctor who provides personal care and truly cares for their patient.
  • Patients who want a doctor to address the root cause of illness, not just treat the symptoms.
  • Patients who enjoy unhurried and extended office visits.
  • People with busy lifestyles. Often issues can be addressed without the need for an office visit (text, phone, email or video).
  • Those with high insurance premiums/high-deductible health plans or healthcare sharing plans.
  • Self-insured business owners seeking to provide their employees with affordable health care while improving their well-being, simultaneously reducing health care spending.

This seems too cheap. Is there a catch?

No. This is the real thing. Quality healthcare the way you want it. This is just how healthcare looks when the middle-man is cut out. Keeping payment directly between the patient and the doctor. This keeps the price low and the care high!

What if I have more questions?

If we haven’t fully answered all of your questions,please contact us so we can further assist you. For more information on the many benefits of direct primary care and details, please call (954) 998-4468 to schedule a free introductory meeting. We would love to learn about your health concerns and goals and share why Aspire Health might be a good fit for you.