Your Wellness MD

Your Wellness MD


Do you care for children?

Yes, I provide care for people of ages. Family physicians offer a special advantage, caring for individuals and understanding families. There are special discounts for children associated with an adult membership.

What is your cancellation policy?

Monthly members can cancel at anytime. There are no refunds of packages or extended memberships. If you cancel and want to re-enroll you may be reinstated by paying the missing monthly payments, up to 12 months maximum.

Are fee for service patients welcome?

Yes, Dr Birkholz does accept patients who want to pay on a per visit basis. Her fees are $300/55minutes and $150/25minutes.

Why should I buy neutraceutical quality supplements?

It is very difficult to assess the quality of most supplements. One study showed that 90% of over the counter supplements do NOT contain what they claim to. Supplements we recommend are pharmaceutical grade, which means they meet the quality criteria of prescribed medications. You will save money by buying a product which is safe and will provide the healthy outcomes you seek.

What discounts are available?

We offer a 20% discount on our supplements.

There is a 10% discount for a 12 month DPC membership
and a discount for a 6 month Functional Medicine membership paid in advance.

Wellness Elements providers offer free introductory visits and various discounts.
Lab tests are available for deeply discounted rates.
Various discounts for diagnostic imaging and specialty services are being negotiated.

Can I really feel better?

You are the creator of your life experience and you can live better and happier. Your life and needs are unique, and your answers are unique, but everyone can improve their health with education, commitment and support.. We are here to support your goals and your health journey.