Fischer Clinic

Fischer Clinic

Fischer Clinic

At Fischer Clinic, our specialists offer relationship-based primary care, preventive medicine, and chronic disease management. We have intentionally designed our clinic in a way to provide affordable yet high-value primary care services directly to our patients, without the hindrance of insurance.

Fischer Clinic differs from other clinics in the following ways:

We offer high functioning membership-based primary care that is affordable, convenient, and valuable for health. Our patients enjoy -

  • No co-pays or visit fees
  • No insurance for our services
  • Every appointment is with a Board-Certified medical doctor with more than 15 years of experience
  • Always scheduled with the physician
  • Same-Day or Next Day appointments
  • Personal service and private care - no inclusion of third parties

Apart from these, our patients enjoy several other benefits - all in exchange for an affordable monthly membership fee.

Address 417 N. Blount Street , Raleigh,
North Carolina 27601, United States
Phone 919-258-2440


Dr. Zane Lapinskes
Dr. Zane Lapinskes Direct Primary Care
Benjamin Fischer, MD
Benjamin Fischer, MD Internal Medicine