Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care

We're a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. DPC is a unique approach to healthcare and our patients love it.we don't accept any insurance, and as a result you save money.

Become a member of our practice for a low monthly fee, and get unlimited office visits, wholesale prices on prescription medication, your providers cell phone number, and a whole lot more.

Our reduced patient panel means that your provider spends more time with you when you need them. Plus, when we are not actively seeing a patient, we are able to help coordinate your care and research your treatments.

Grace Family Medicine does not bill any insurance plans. Instead, patients pay a monthly membership fee which can save money and covers excellent treatment.

Give it a try, and you’ll quickly see for yourself the value of this approach!We've negotiated wholesale rates on medication and lab tests, and we pass all those savings straight to you.

Our fees are simple and transparent, as they should be. No hidden fees or complex invoicing. You'll know exactly what you're paying and exactly what you're getting.

Address 12785 W. Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, suite 8E, Florida
Illinois 33414, United States
Phone 561-331-5515
Business Hours Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM