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Halcyon Health


At Halcyon Health Direct Primary Care, we believe that a trusting relationship between you and your doctor is the key to better healthcare.

 Communication is at the center of care, not drugs or tests. The direct primary care model allows us to do what we love, and do it well: listen. The better we know you the better care we can give you. 


We understand that you have a life and we want to help you live it happily.  We ensure reliable same day/next day access and quality time with your personal doctor.

 You can call, text, video chat, or email your personal doctor, saving you time to focus on what matters to you.


We believe you deserve to know exactly how much it will cost to receive medical care, no hidden costs, no surprises.  Our prices are clearly listed on our website so you know exactly what to expect.

Address 19742 MACARTHUR BLVD, Suite 250, Irvine
California 92612, United States
Phone 949-486-8530