Kagen MD is a concierge medicine practice in Park City, Utah led by Michael Kagen, MD. Our practice is focused on delivering premium, attentive and flexible service for people who want the very best care.

Our direct primary care practice model (also known as boutique medicine) removes the insurance companies from the patient-physician relationship, enabling us to truly give our patients the time and attention they need

Our patients are members, which affords them benefits unheard of with traditional Internal Medicine practices. ​Appointment times driven by how long you want to talk, not by a rigid schedule.

The option to meet with your doctor when and where is convenient for you, including in your home. A telemedicine option - video chat with your concierge medicine doctor no matter where you are.

Connections to the most sought-after specialists around the nation. Imagine being able to see your doctor when you want, as often as you wish, with no additional cost. Imagine working with a doctor who really knows you to address health issues proactively.

Imagine seeing a doctor who really listens and works around your schedule to communicate with you in real time.

Imagine direct and immediate access to your doctor when you are at home or away. Our boutique medicine practice makes this a reality.

If you want a premier healthcare experience, Kagen MD, a direct primary care doctor in Park City, is the answer.

Address 4580 Silver Springs Drive, Ste 150 , Park City
Utah 84098, United States
Phone 435-633-6263


Rachel  Lando
Rachel Lando Direct Primary Care
Dr. Michael  Kagen MD
Dr. Michael Kagen MD Direct Primary Care