Paragon Personal Healthcare

Paragon Personal Healthcare

Paragon Personal Healthcare

Our goal is to provide persons and families with highly individualized and personal care. Dr. Plute takes time to listen to your concerns. She offers complete and comprehensive primary care customized to meet your needs.

Patients looking for a health care provider who takes the time to get to know them, is available to talk about any questions and concerns, and delivers personalized care will find it at Paragon Personal Healthcare in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

There, Rebecca Plute, MD, and her team take a concierge medicine approach to best serve their patients. 

They’ve chosen to offer concierge medicine because they genuinely care about delivering top-tier care for each individual patient.

This model allows Dr. Plute to limit the size of her family practice, so she can be more available to her patients and offer them more personalized care. 

She and her team blend this individualized, warm care approach with the latest treatments available today.

For many patients, they prioritize preventive medicine — including regular comprehensive, personalized physical exams — to help them protect their long-term health. 

Dr. Plute and the entire team at Paragon Personal Healthcare are committed to helping their patients feel their best.

In addition to preventive medicine and care for acute conditions, they also work to improve each patient’s overall wellbeing. The team takes time to understand and carefully address what each individual needs to be, feel, and look healthy.

As part of that philosophy, they offer non-toxic and  non-invasive restorative cosmetic therapies to help people look and feel their personal best.

That’s why they’ve chosen to offer innovative treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and TempSure® Firm and Tempsure® Envi skin tightening and cellulite smoothing. 

To learn more about the personalized, dedicated care available at Paragon Personal Healthcare, call the office, or book your appointment online today.

Address 1 N Central Ave, Ste. 400, Canonsburg
Pennsylvania 15317, United States
Phone 724-746-7030
Business Hours Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM


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