Pioneer Direct Primary Care

Pioneer Direct Primary Care

Pioneer Direct Primary Care

No Copays, No Deductibles, No Hassles

We are an innovative practice simplifying the way primary care is delivered by connecting patients directly to their doctor.

Our affordable monthly membership eliminates the need for deductibles, copays, and complicated insurance billing.

By removing administrative barriers, we can dedicate more time and attention directly to our patients.

Treating Patients Like Family

Dr. Rachel Scheerer is board certified in family medicine and founder of PIONEER DIRECT PRIMARY CARE. She believes that a good doctor is a good listener, and sees each patient as a distinct individual.

Each patient is treated like she would want her family to be treated.

Dr. Scheerer brings outstanding education and training as well as compassion and humanism to healthcare.

Address 208 Booth Road, Suite C Ormond Beach, Suite C, Florida
Illinois 32174, United States
Phone 386-259-0607