Proactive MD

Proactive MD

Proactive MD

Proactive MD guides patients through the full healthcare system, becoming the trusted partners that help them tackle all their healthcare needs, questions, and concerns.

Proactive MD’s Advanced Primary Care model brings together all pieces of the healthcare system, making them more accessible and understandable for patients and more effective and affordable for employers.

From our culture of service to our technology platforms, and everything we do in between, our entire model is designed to deliver results.

Maybe healthcare lost its pulse when it began referring patients to specialists for treatments that could be handled in-house.

Or when it started caring more about volume and RVUs than the people who needed help.

Or when EMRs took the place of eye contact and charts took the place of patient histories.

There are thousands of reasons why the healthcare system has come to feel sterile, heartless, and inhumane. But we’re not here to point fingers. We’re here to shock the system.

We prioritize the Doctor-Patient relationship.

Our provider team practices broad-scope medicine on smaller patient panels, getting to know their patients personally in the proces.
Patients can visit their primary care physician for routine annual physicals, acute care, more complex chronic conditions, and everything in between.
Address 10 Centimeters Drive, Mauldin
South Carolina 29662, United States
Phone 864-501-0751