Pure Health Direct Primary Care

Pure Health Direct Primary Care

Pure Health Direct Primary Care

DPC is an alternative way to access primary care. Rather than paying by the visit, you will pay a low monthly fee to access your primary care physician when and where you need her.

Though most things can be handled during office hours, if you have an after-hours question or urgent issue, I will be there for you.

If you want to have a phone or video visit, we can do it!

By working outside of the insurance industry (your monthly fee is not covered by any insurance at this time), we can greatly reduce the cost of healthcare.

At it’s very basic level, DPC is an agreement between you and your doctor.  I work for you, not your insurance company.

Mission Statement

Affordably partnering with every patient to realize the best health of the individual, family and community.

Address 1105 1st Street, East Polson
Montana 59860, United States
Phone 406-319-2599


Dr. Cara Harrop
Dr. Cara Harrop Direct Primary Care
Dr.Vanessa  Sandoval
Dr.Vanessa Sandoval Direct Primary Care