PureHealth Functional Family Medicine

PureHealth Functional Family Medicine

PureHealth Functional Family Medicine

Today’s medical field is fraught with legal landmines, confusing insurance policies, and expensive care charges.

It is very difficult to get timely access to your doctor, and when you do, there is little time to spend together.

Whether you’re sick, have questions, or just want wellness advice, you deserve to see a doctor when you need one. No more jumping through hoops or explaining your health to your insurance.

That’s why Dr. Dan Stock of PureHealth Functional Family Medicine subscribes to the direct primary care model of medicine.Direct Primary Care, or DPC, splits from traditional insurance-based models of primary care.

DPC provides patients with more direct attention from their physician when they need it. Building a relationship with your doctor is nothing revolutionary; it’s just the fastest path to better health.

For example, DPC members report 82% fewer surgeries and 65% fewer ER visits.

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