Your Wellness MD

Your Wellness MD


Great Healer

Matthew C.

“Dr. B is a both a highly skilled clinician and a great healer. Through her comprehensive but affordable testing protocol I got a very detailed and clear sense of the healing path I needed to walk. She helped me sort through all the complex information and broke it all down into manageable action steps that would make the biggest difference in my health.  I am now feeling better than ever after nearly two years of fatigue and low energy. I’m very lucky to have Dr. B on my side…”

Trained Doctor

Pamella C.

“Karla is a pioneer in the field of Functional Medicine.She is one of that brave cadre of MD’s who recognize that the system that they were trained in does not serve the healing, health and wholeness needs of their patients, and she is doing something about that.She educates and trains herself in the latest information and testing available and brings those techniques to her patients in a spirit of collaboration to improve their overall health- wherever they are.
As an RN, trained in the same system and practicing preventative health for many years I appreciate her knowledge and professionalism. She is compassionate, patient and applies that knowledge to her own life. Her goal is to get each of her patients and herself to the “best possible” condition. My health has continued to improve and stabilize under her care. I can recommend without reservation working with Dr Birkholz.”