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Seattle Premier Health

Seattle Premier Health

Seattle Premier Health is a concierge medicine clinic for adults who value additional one-on-one time and a personal, ongoing relationship with their doctor.

As your preventive health-care advisors and advocates, our physicians are here to help you manage and maintain your health, and to prevent trouble before it begins.

Seattle Premier Health physicians accept 75 percent fewer patients than traditional primary care doctors. That means we can provide same-day or next-day appointments when it's convenient for you.

More important, having fewer patients allows our doctors the time they need to focus on your concerns. It's this personalized approach to your health care that truly makes a difference.

About our Concierge Health Care Program

Unlike a traditional primary care doctor who bills each visit to an insurance company, our Concierge Health Care Program operates on an annual membership basis. Our yearly fee provides for:

  • Virtually unlimited access to your Seattle Premier Health physician via phone, e-mail, and MyChart (a secure web portal to your electronic health record).
  • Same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Extended visits that allow ample time to address all of your concerns.
  • A full spectrum of primary care physician services, including:
    • Preventive care, including an annual physical exam to develop a diet, exercise and lifestyle plan to keep you as healthy as possible
    • Urgent care for colds, flu, common illnesses and minor injuries
    • Management of ongoing health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, among others
    • Minor in-office procedures, such as Pap smears, skin biopsies and laceration repair
    • Commonly prescribed vaccines
  • Assistance with specialized care, should you ever need it, including advice and advocacy to help you find the best specialists, as well as complete oversight of your care, ensuring you always have an expert helping you decide on the treatment plan that makes the most sense for you.
  • Hospital care coordination

The annual membership cost for our Concierge Health Care Program is $2,820 per person, processed via monthly payments of $235.00 from your checking account, or credit or debit card.

About our Executive Health Screening Program

Our Executive Health Screening Program is designed for busy executives who have little time for medical appointments and even less for medical absences.

In a single, highly efficient day, you’ll meet with the Seattle Premier Health physician of your choice for:

  • A comprehensive physical exam
  • In-depth lab work and cardiovascular testing
  • Complete nutrition consultation

Several days later, you and your physician will meet to review your test results. For less-than-urgent issues, your physician will recommend lifestyle changes to help you improve and maintain your health long-term, and outline a follow-up plan to pursue with your primary care physician.

Should your physical exam or tests reveal an urgent medical condition – a suspicious lump or dangerously high blood pressure, for example –

we will arrange an immediate follow-up appointment with a top-tier specialist and coordinate any further care you need.

Our goal is to get you back into action and fully in-the-know about your health.

Address 1600 E. Jefferson Street, Suite 115, Seattle
Washington 98122, United States
Phone 206-215-4300