We want to be the “doctor in your family” simply because it  feels good to spend our days taking good care of you.

We believe primary care needs to be connected directly to the people it serves, restoring trust between patients and their doctors and eliminating health care middlemen.

We believe healthcare costs should be transparent and reasonable.

We believe people want to be proactive about maintaining and improving their health.

We believe long-term, trusting relationships make healthcare safer, more affordable, and healthier for both patients and their doctors.

Unorthodoc achieves these goals by using a Direct Primary Care model.

 Understanding Direct Primary Care

When insurance is involved in primary care, doctors are often forced to jump through administrative hoops before giving a diagnosis or ordering a lab.

This creates barriers, high costs and frustration for not only patients, but also for doctors whose hands are tied by the mandates of impersonal decision makers.

Enter Direct Primary Care (DPC), a simple, personal, affordable approach to health care gaining momentum across the country, changing primary care for both patients and doctors, all for the better.

You see, primary care is the part of health care you should be using the most.

 It’s your wellness visits, sick/urgent visits, follow-up visits, basic labs, and prescriptions.

It should include a doctor that you trust and turn to for advice.

It should be the place where all your medical history is kept. If done right, it should be the first place you turn to for any health issue, reducing your need for specialists and hospitals.

  • When you are a patient of a doctor using a DPC model, you are free to talk to the doctor about all of your healthcare concerns and goals, as often as you like, with a predictable fee structure, and without the hassle of filing insurance.
  • In return, you get a doctor that has more time to devote to you, a doctor who gets your full health story and can offer your care at affordable and predictable costs.

DPC exists along side of your current insurance.

 It gives you the flexibility to choose your insurance plan knowing that while you’ll have coverage for those unpredictable, catastrophic, more expensive medical events, all of your primary health and urgent illness needs will be taken care of by one dedicated doctor who is interested in investing in you.

The DPC model is similar to Community Supported Agriculture, where a person purchases a membership in a small farm and then gets fresh locally-grown produce through the year.

The farmers make a living doing what they love and the members get fresher, more nourishing food from local land.

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Dr. Cory  Annis, MD
Dr. Cory Annis, MD Direct Primary Care