Frequently Asked Questions


I am a patient, what will it cost me to use Health Beyond Insurance platform?


There are no contracts, no service fees, no set up fees, and no per-use fees.

What information do you require when I sign up?

For health care providers, we request all the information pertaining to their services and costs, as well as their contact information. Providers may choose what contact information and services to include for patients to access.

For patients, we require only your legal name, birthdate, and email address. We do offer you the option to add more information if you choose to have a complete patient profile.

What will you do with my information?

Your information is used to create a profile within our system so that you can use our secure & private messaging system. We will also use your information to contact you with important information regarding system updates.

HBI will never sell your information to anyone, for any reason. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and to our goals of returning freedom and choice to healthcare. More detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to sign up as a patient to use the serivce?

It depends on what you plan to use the HBI platform to do.

If you only want to search for providers, you do not need to create an account. We have set up our system to be as accessible and user friendly as possible, and that includes the ability to search through our providers without creating an account.

However, if you want to use one of our many security enabled and time saving services after you have found a provider you are interested in, you will need to create a free account with HBI.

All health care providers need to create an account in order to use our services.  

What kind of provider can I find using HBI? 

We have dedicated our system to providing information on numerous types of medical AND connected services. We are working hard to add healthcare providers every day from many specialty. Just to name a few specialities

  • General Practitioner

  • Plastic surgeon

  • Hormone specialist

  • Dentist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Fitness Trainer

  • Nutritionist

  • Imaging center (MRI, CT Scan)

  • Home physicians

If you don’t find a provider, please contact us by filling out the information under “Find Me a Provider”. We will try to find a provider offering the services you requested in your area. We will contact you as soon as we have a provider listed on our website.


Where are you located?

HBI is operated within the USA.