As the ancient Chinese proverb says, a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. My journey into healthcare began many years ago as a young man sitting in a doctor’s office wondering if I would live through my freshman year of high school. Now, many years later, I thank God for the lessons He taught me during that difficult period of my life and for the many lessons since.

I don’t want to ruin the ending but I did survive my freshman year as well as the ones after and went on to the University of Florida where I received my bachelor’s in Nutritional Science and then my master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics and a minor in Exercise Science. During my time at the University of Florida I met my beautiful wife Adriane and she joined me on this adventure.

For several years I worked in clinical nutrition at SHANDs and promoted the merits of preventive medicine. Seeing first hand, the medical needs of so many patients I decided to further my education by attending medical school at Midwestern University in Phoenix, Arizona.

I was impressed by the Osteopathic tenants that promote the patient being a unit made of body, mind, and spirit and stating that we should treat all facets of the individual with equal emphasis.

While in medical school I applied and was accepted for a prestigious scholarship that allowed me to continue my education and teach at the University simultaneously. During my time in Phoenix I was lucky enough to deliver both of my beautiful children Addison and Alexander who inspire me daily.

The next step in my journey involved returning to my hometown in Orlando and completing the Family Medicine residency and integrated Fellowship in Neuromusculoskeletal medicine at Florida Hospital.

During my final year as chief resident I learned about Direct Primary Care(DPC). Everything about DPC seemed to make sense of my entire journey.

In this type of practice I could finally provide the kind of “whole-person” care I have always wanted and so was born Family Tree Primary Care.

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Address 1000 Executive Dr., Oviedo
Florida 32765, United States
Phone 407-278-7089
Languages English
Provider Licensed In family medicine
Provider Licensed In States Florida

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