Phone: 682-200-1744
Progressive Psychiatry
Address: 1307 8th Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76104, United States


Phone: 682-200-1744
Progressive Psychiatry
Address: 1307 8th Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76104, United States
Licensed in: Adult Psychiatry
Licensed in States: TX
Languages: English

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I am a Texas girl at heart and I definitely consider Fort Worth home. I have completed my medical school education, residency training, and the first 3 years of my psychiatry practice right here in the heart of Cowtown. I have a passion for community health care systems for underserved populations and health care education, which has fueled my drive to train the future generations of medical students and residents in a thriving psychiatric emergency room and teach continuing medical education to physicians already in practice.
I believe in taking personal responsibility for our own emotional and physical wellbeing. As an osteopathic mental health professional, I view my primary goal as empowering and guiding individuals to view themselves as the author of their own story and understand and navigate the complex interaction of biology, resilience, and life experiences that mold us into who we are in this current moment. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes and create satisfying lives and relationships, we will utilize a combination of education, therapeutic concepts, and medication management.
I am board certified in General Psychiatry with diverse professional interests that include trauma aware care, personality disorders, navigating interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, and LGBT and alternative lifestyle care.

Board Certified General Adult Psychiatry

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