• A win for the Early Birds.
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost: American Financial Solutions. Triage Cancer. Out-of-network.
  • Healthy Bites: Tinnitus Treatment. Brains message to the gut. Evil Adipocyte. Precision Genome Editing. Mediterranean diet.



Another Win for The Early birds

Mankind has probably split into two different factions depending on their enthusiasm in the morning (Chronotypes). One of them is Early birds, they leap out of their bed early in the morning  to conquer the world while the other faction is Night owls, their productivity skyrockets past midnight. But the debate over which one is an ideal lifestyle seems to be never-ending. That won't be the case anymore as a recent study showed that the night owls have a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease than early birds.

A Rational Comparison

There’s no major difference in context of age, body mass or metabolic syndrome between an early bird and a night owl, except for the amount of grumpiness one has in the morning. But there was significance difference between how energy sources were used between the two.

Early Birds

  • They use more fat as a source of energy.
  • They are more insulin sensitive.
  • Their cells used glucose more efficiently to reduce blood sugar. 

Night owls 

  • They use more carbohydrates as a energy source.
  • They are insulin resistant, this poses a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • They need more insulin to lower their blood sugar level.

A fair Warning

This study serves the purpose of a warning for all the night owls out there. Chrononuitrition indeed impacts our health and it's best to eat and start our day earlier to maintain our blood sugar and insulin levels in check. 



  • Medical debt in the US is a serious issue. American Financial Solutions offer counseling and assistance. . They are a non-profit organization that offers debt management and educational programs to financially distressed families.
  • Triage Cancer is one of the resources you’d have to seek to navigate your finances through your healthcare journey to fight cancer. 
  • Hectic schedule? Busy lifestyle? In a time crunch? Well, filing an out-of-network claim shouldn’t be your problem as OONOLOGY does it all for you.



  • Tinnitus Treatment: After 20 years, a promising result for the cure of tinnitus has left the researchers excited. The cure involves mobile-phone-based therapy.
  • Brain's message to the gut: Cravings, the endgame for a diet, was recently found to be linked to the brain which drives our desires for fatty foods.
  • Evil Adipocytes: Adipocytes are fat-filled cells, exist around breasts and all over our bodies. A recent study found that these cells can shapeshift into other cell types and promote tumor growth which can lead to cancer.
  • Precision Genome Editing: Gene correction in inherited retinal diseases (IRD) has just gotten easier with a new found treatment called Precision Genome Editing.
  • Mediterranean diet: Adherence to a Mediterranean diet has shown fluctuations in the level of six plasma metabolites which are responsible for cognitive decline among all racial/ethnic groups. 



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