• Blue scenery and Mental well-being.
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  • Healthy Bites: Broad spectrum antiviral therapies. Crohn’s disease. Potato infecting microbes. Vitamin C & cold. Early Flu season, be aware.



Blue Sky and Ocean’s call

Let’s take a moment to close our eyes and imagine a beach vacation, the somber wind blowing, the noises from the ocean filling us up, and the blue sky soothing our souls. Even thinking about it makes us feel at peace. Similarly, in a recent study, it was revealed that childhood exposure to "blue spaces" like beaches, rivers, and lakes can have substantial and long-lasting advantages for well-being.

Some Survey Highlights

  • This survey called for 15,000 participants from around the world from 18 different countries.
  • Participants talked about their pasts up to the age of 16, noting how frequently they went to blue areas and how familiar they are with their surroundings.
  • Additionally, they talked about their most recent interactions with blue and green spaces during the preceding four weeks as well as their mental health over the previous two weeks.
  • The outcomes were uniform across all nations and areas. In addition, adults showed stronger degrees of joy around bodies of water, more familiarity and comfort around rivers, lakes, and coasts have a greater predisposition to enjoy outdoor activities in nature. Their mood and wellbeing were consequently improved.

Blue and Beyond

It’s not just blue space but spending a significant amount of time in a green setting helps to uplift the mood. People's levels of physical activity can rise in natural surroundings, which can also improve well-being and mood while reducing stress. Particularly blue spaces contain special sensory characteristics, including wave sounds and light reflections that can lift moods.




  • You can create a campaign on Indiegogo to support an individual going through a medical emergency who needs financial support.
  • Along Comes Hope offers programs for emotional support, awareness, and financial assistance to families of children with cancer so they can travel for treatment.
  • Still in search of a comprehensive way to file an out-of-network claim without complications? OONOLOGY might just be your bet.



  • Broad-spectrum antiviral therapies: A powerful immune response capable of halting a variety of viruses in their infectious tracks is the basis of a promising approach that researchers have found for the development of broad-spectrum antiviral treatments.
  • Crohn’s disease: In a study using mice as a model, scientists discovered that norovirus prevents the secretion of a protein that defends against Crohn's disease. They concluded that these results can be used by humans to create new Crohn's disease therapies.
  • Potato infecting microbes: In a recent study, it was shown that a novel antibiotic called solanimycin aids in the targeting of a particular human fungus that can result in infections. Furthermore, they are remarkably successful in treating Candida albicans.
  • Vitamin C & cold: Taking vitamin C supplements at large doses to reduce the incidence of respiratory infections in the general population is not currently supported by any therapeutic advice. However, those who exhibit vitamin C deficient symptoms may be advised to engage in this activity.
  • Early Flu season, be aware: Health experts warn that the country may be in for an early and severe flu season as outbreaks of the flu and other respiratory illnesses spread across the country.                      



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