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Brain Cells, Playing Vintage Ping Pong...

As ridiculous as the title may sound, it has actually happened. This was made possible in in-vitro conditions by a group of researchers. It is the first instance where goal-directed tasks can be taught to a group of lab-grown brain cells. 

The setup consists of a collection of 800,000 mice brain cells “DishBrain”.

How was DishBrain taught?

The location of the ball and paddles during a game of Ping Pong was demonstrated to the brain cells utilizing electrodes. 

DishBrain was then taught how to hit the ball back and forth by feedback from the electrodes, which caused the cells to behave as though they were the paddle. 

One array's left- or right-side electrodes would light up to show which side of the screen the ball had landed on, and the frequency of the signals showed how far away from the paddle it had been.

Endless possibility with DishBrain

After this amusing experiment, researchers are rather eager to see how medicines and alcohol affect DishBrain’s ping pong skills. This help researchers experiment with the real brain function in labs.

In the past, models of the brain were created based on how computer scientists believed the brain may function in light of the information technology we already understand, such as silicon computing. 

However, DishBrain outperformed silicon-based systems, self-organizing its capabilities by utilizing the provided information to make its reality more predictable.




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  • Processed food: Unrelated to the offspring's consumption of ultra-processed food, a recent study found that higher maternal intake of these foods during childhood and adolescence was linked to an increased risk of obesity in the offspring between the ages of 7 and 18.
  • Old drugs, new treatment: Researchers have discovered that innovative combinations and newer formulations of pre-existing treatments are promising for the treatment of colon cancer.
  • Rapid vision: Researchers suggest that people with a congenital form of childhood-onset blindness have hopes for a quick improvement in their night vision through gene therapy.
  • Brain switching sides: Responsibility for language skills resides on the left side of the brain, but a recent study demonstrates that the brain can switch those linguistic responsibilities to the right when a newborn experiences a stroke in that area.



A survivor of Internal Decapitation


When the skull separates from the spine without rupturing the skin or cutting the spinal cord, the condition is known as "internal decapitation," and it always results in death 98% of the time. Jordan Taylor is an exception who walked away from it with minimal injuries.


After a dump truck struck the automobile he and his mother were riding in the fall of 2008, Taylor had to have his head and spine reattached using titanium rods and metal plates. Taylor, who was 10 years old at the time, left the hospital three months after the accident with very minor spinal cord damage. 

Most people with similar injury end up with permanent paralysis. 



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