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Can Brain Heal Inherited Blindness?

This discovery is like a ray of light for visually impaired individuals. A recent study revealed that the adult brain can partially heal itself from inherited blindness. 

It all started while looking for a treatment option for LCA, or Leber congenital amaurosis. It is a class of inherited retinal diseases that are defined by significant birth vision impairment. The disorder leads to the degeneration of photoreceptors in the retina and is caused by mutations in any one of more than two dozen genes.

The great discovery

LCA can be treated with chemical compounds called synthetic retinoids that target the retina in children. This can restore the vision by a lot. But this treatment is only limited to children and does not affect adults. The researchers set out to find if this treatment procedure is viable for adults with LCA or not. 

The long-awaited results

Researchers witnessed a miracle unfold in front of their eyes as the study started to show promising results. The most noticeable improvements were observed in brain circuits that are involved in vision this included the central visual pathway. 

The restoration of visual function at the level of the brain was far larger than anticipated than the improvements observed at the retinal level. The fact that this therapy is so effective in the adult central visual pathway supports the idea that there is untapped potential for the vision restoration that is just waiting to be activated.



  • Air Care Alliance sums up the list of available free air transportation for patients through various organizations and charitable aviation groups.
  • United Way has so much to offer ranging from healthcare services to other associated services, all under their incredibly resourceful website.
  • It’s almost the end of 2022 and no one should be burdened with the hefty paperwork of an out-of-network claim. Well OONOLOGY brings you just that, check out their website to learn how to file out of network claims with just a few steps.



  • Pet that dog: Who doesn’t like to pet a fluffy dog right? Well, there's a whole method of therapy revolving around this. Animal-assisted therapy with the help of therapy dogs has endless potential.
  • The right amount of Water:  We all like to throw a number around regarding how much water we need to drink every day. But have you wondered what’s the scientifically accurate amount of water that is recommended?  Recent research investigates this exact topic and suggests drinking at least 2000-3000 ml of fluid for a normal functioning body.
  • New drug for Eczema: According to the findings of phase 3 clinical research, children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old who take the drug dupilumab experience at least a 75% reduction in their eczema symptoms.
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Researchers have found that the quality and protein composition of a certain type of pancreatic cancer determines whether the prognosis is bad or not.



A finger prick went wrong

While ravaging some delicious chicken, a 29-year-old man pricked his finger accidentally on a chicken bone and then everything went downhill. These are the events that took place.

  • After the prick in his finger, he developed an infection which resulted in his infected finger smelling bad, almost like decaying matter. A peculiar condition that nobody has seen or heard of.
  • Multiple dosages of antibiotics later, the infection as well as the smell were unaffected. This fueled frustration among healthcare providers.
  • Surprisingly without any assistance, the infection self-cured itself and the smell simultaneously vanished. But the cause behind this remains a mystery.



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