• Misinformation On Instagram.
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  • Healthy Bites: Lead in water. Exercise helps Winter Blues. Probiotic Bacteria. Clues for Breast Cancer.



Misinformation Regarding Health Information On Instagram

Content Consumption has been the biggest source of entertainment and knowledge. This comes with the heap load of misinformation that is spread across social media platforms like Instagram.

One in four popular Instagram posts about Hepatitis B was inaccurate. These posts were much more likely to come from accounts that were operating for profit or that were advertising goods or services.

Profitability On Misinformation In Instagram

Researchers looked at the connection between post-profitability and false information in recent research.

  • 23 percent of the posts contained inaccurate information about hepatitis B or its treatment.
  • In addition, these postings received an average of 1,599 likes, which was higher than the average of 970 likes for posts containing factual information about hepatitis B.
  • About a third as many people followed inaccurate information-posting accounts as accurate information-posting accounts on average.

Consumers At Risk

Although misinformation and cynicism about evidence-based treatment online are spiking, patients are still flocking to social media and other user-generated websites for support and information about their health. 

Social media has given access to the general public to a plethora of medical information. But medical information on social media is largely unregulated.



  • Anyone in need of materials and resources related to women's health should check out The Women's Fund.
  • For a medical emergency, do you need emergency transport? Don't worry; Angel Flight Northeast will set up complimentary air and ground transportation services to meet your healthcare needs. 
  • Burdened patients with medical debt can become debt free with OONOLOGY’s out-of-network claim. They have made filing easy and cost-friendly.



  • Lead in water: On tests of memory and thinking ability, researchers discovered that among roughly 1,100 older U.S. citizens, those who grew up in cities with lead-contaminated drinking water typically performed worse.
  • Exercise helps Winter Blues: A regular exercise program is recommended when the days grow shorter and darker since it might improve mood.
  • Probiotic Bacteria: A recent study highlights the potential of modified probiotic bacteria to enhance the management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Clues for Breast Cancer: Recent studies have discovered that the membranes of breast cancer cells have varying voltages, providing information regarding their growth and dissemination.



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