• Microbots and Pneumonia
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  • Healthy Bites: Improved antidepressants. Suicide risk for dementia. Retirement & Sedentary lifestyle. Obesity in women. Down syndrome



Hey Pneumonia, See Ya Never...

An exciting new finding that might wipe out most of the risk of pneumonia. Researchers have finally been able to eradicate deadly pneumonia infection from the lungs in a mice model by exposing it to an army of swimming microbots. This unconventional treatment was 100% effective and directly targeted the infection site straight away. It just awaits for couple more studies until this works on humans too.

What are Microbots?

Microbots are bacteria-fighting bots that are made up of microalgae. These specific microalgae are armed with two flagella or tails,  which cut through the fluid medium and reach the site of infection pretty quickly. These algae were then coated with tiny antibiotic-loaded nanoparticles, which slowly secrete chemicals that are toxic to the pneumonia bacteria. After killing the pathogens, our immune cells can digest these microbots in no time as they are made with natural materials.

A possible breakthrough treatment

Our current methods to treat pneumonia include the usage of several antibiotics via intravenous injection (IV), which delivers the antibiotic straight to the bloodstream. Even though it’s a fairly effective approach to treatment, it does take time for the antibiotics to work their way through the patient's bloodstream and make it to the lung. This is where our friendly microbots come into action. Their ability to swim makes them naturally spread throughout the lungs when injected through the windpipe, thus being the most effective treatment for pneumonia to the current date.



  • The Transparent Hands Foundation is making an effort to provide medical relief through crowdfunding and donors.
  • Flying for healthcare emergencies is easy, comfortable, and free with Patient AirLift Services (PALS). They provide free air transportation services for medical diagnosis, follow-ups, and treatment.
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  • Improved antidepressants: Two new novel LSD-like compound were recently discovered that does not induce any hallucination as a side effect to treat depression.
  • Suicide risk for dementia: A survey has revealed a spike in suicidal thoughts as soon as someone gets diagnosed with dementia before the age of 65.
  • Retirement & Sedentary lifestyle: Increased amount of sleep and little to no physical activity are found to be a common practice in retired individuals, according to a new study.
  • Obesity in women:  A combination of HIIT and time-restricted eating has shown impressive results in improving cardiometabolic health in obese women.
  • Down syndrome: According to new research, children and young adults with Down syndrome are four times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes.



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