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Is Artificial LAN Responsible For Diabetes?

 As absurd as the correlation between diabetes and lights sounds, it is worth giving a thought. Especially, nighttime exposure to artificial light may have negative health impacts.

Overnight artificial light pollution (LAN) from outdoor sources affects about 80% of the world's population. And when exposed it can increase the risk of diabetes, according to a recent study.

How does Artificial LAN raise the risk of Diabetes?

Acute LAN exposure can change the profile of several hormones, including melatonin and cortisol. It also affects the circadian clock. These physiological alterations could be a factor in the abnormalities in glucose metabolism. 

Further analyses revealed that groups with the highest exposure to artificial LAN had a 28% higher chance of developing diabetes.

Risks of Artificial LAN

Research from the past indicates that artificial LAN light pollution can harm people's health. Artificial LAN exposure has been related in several studies from sleep difficulties, and anxiety to mood disorders, and obesity. Artificial LAN has also been linked in research to a higher risk of developing several cancers.



  • MAP International, a Christian charity, assists those in need by providing them with access to life-saving medicines and medical supplies.
  • The National Brain Tumor Society (NBTF) is dedicated to bringing patients with brain tumors together and fighting for their rights. They do this by persistently investing in strategies that will advance the available therapy and have started a search for a brand-new treatment. 
  • With OONOLOGY, submitting an out-of-network claim is simple as pie. Everything is succinctly summarized on their webpage.



  • Frozen Embryo: Twins were born in Oregon this past Halloween from embryos that were frozen in 1992.
  • Fungi Threat: Nationwide, even in areas where doctors are unaware that they are in danger, soil-found fungi are causing lung infections.
  • Cancer Vaccine Delivery: Cancer vaccinations are more effective in mice when administered intravenously as opposed to subcutaneously, according to research.
  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Laughter ranks way higher in the medicine toolbox. It reduces stress, improves breathing, and boosts the body’s immunity.



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