• A tool that tracks learning curves in our brains.
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost: DollarFor. The Women's Fund. Out-of-network.
  • Healthy Bites: Strict Parenting & mental health. Hypertension yet no heart damage. Life-saving modification in motorcycles. New drug for triple-negative breast cancer
  • Medical Mysteries: Chimerism, the unknown realm of medical science.



Track Learning Curve of Your Brain

Anything from watching a movie to picking up a new song or language, we learn and experience things while our brains remodel and physically adapt to them. This is what is known as Brain Plasticity.

While working with brain plasticity, researchers have developed a tool that monitors and measures brain plasticity by tracking the proteins made by the brain cells in a mouse model.

How does it work?

  • The team injected an amino acid with a specific tag, azidonorleucine, into one type of neuron at a time. This made it easier to distinguish newly made proteins from pre-existing ones. 
  • The team concentrated on cortical glutamatergic neurons, a significant class of brain cells in charge of processing sensory data. Upon increased neural activity, 300 different potion change was observed. 
  • A few of the proteins were also connected to the way DNA is stored inside of cells; altering this storage can alter the genes which a cell can access and use for a long time. This raises the possibility that a brief increase in brain activity may trigger longer-lasting brain remodeling.

A peep into the future

By employing this technique, the researchers expect to identify and investigate more possible plasticity proteins, such as those that might alter various types of brain cells in response to new visual stimuli in animals. 

This tool will also be able to compare how brain activity affects protein creation in young versus elderly and healthy versus diseased brains, their technology may also provide insight into brain disorders and aging.



  • DollarFor, one of the top organizations, is dedicated to eradicating the financial problems that accompany medical emergencies. They hope to end medical debt soon.
  • Anyone looking for information and tools related to women's health should check out The Women's Fund.
  • Super confused as to why everybody is talking about going out-of-network all of a sudden?OONOLOGY has all the answers and an even quicker way to file one, on their website.



  • Strict Parenting & mental health: According to a recent study, strict parenting makes changes in children's brains that raise their likelihood of developing mental health problems, such as depression, later in life.
  • Hypertension yet no heart damage: In addition to causing an inherited kind of high blood pressure, a hyperactive enzyme also seems to guard against heart damage brought on by hypertension
  • Life-saving modification in motorcycles: Motorcycle riders have the highest threat of road accidents. To improve the current situation lighting system in a motorcycle was redesigned. Now it features six lights instead of a single headlight which assists other drivers to spot motorcycles more easily.
  • New drug for triple-negative breast cancer: According to research, a novel tiny inhibitory chemical and a chemotherapeutic treatment licensed by the FDA work together to reduce the proliferation of triple-negative breast cancer cells.



Chimerism, the unknown realm of medical science


Imagine doing a DNA test with your kids only to find out that you are probably not their biological mother despite giving birth to them. Sounds like a blizzard science fiction movie trailer right? Well, thankfully this world never fails to amuse us enough. 

It was discovered that the mother in this case was a chimera (a mix of two individuals). She was the result of the fusion of two sets of non-identical twins inside her mother. 

Although the prevalence of genetic testing and fertility treatments makes it difficult to estimate the prevalence of chimeras, more chimeras are anticipated to be produced and found in the future.




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