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Mend Your Broken Heart

The love hormone Oxytocin comes with a plethora of benefits that affect our body in numerous different ways. This hormone has a significant role to play during childbirth and also helps to forge bonds and trust between people. Oxytocin also guards the cardiovascular system during injuries. 

In a recent study it was proven, it does way more than just guarding the cardiovascular system. It can potentially heal a broken heart that suffered damage due to a heart attack. 

Into the Broken Heart Lane

The process of replacing and regeneration of heart tissues in the human heart is widely inefficient. If this process gets accelerated, recovering from a heart injury will simplify. This is where oxytocin comes into action. The process of regeneration can be accelerated by exposing human cells to oxytocin. To further confirm the dominance of oxytocin on heart cells, scientists also tested 14 other brain-made hormones and none of them had the same action as oxytocin. 

One step closer to the Heart

A follow-up experiment was conducted on zebrafish who are known for their outlandish ability to regenerate. The researchers discovered that the fish's brains started producing up to 20 times more oxytocin after three days following a heart damage. Oxytocin then made its way to the heart and kickstarted the process of converting epicardial cells into fresh cardiomyocytes. This further confirmed the role of oxytocin in mending a broken heart



  • Americares Foundation provides life-changing medicines and health-related services to people who are affected by poverty and disaster.
  • Heath Leads works with several other organizations to offer essential needs like food and shelter that are equally important as other needs in the healthcare system.
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  • The ways of Fic: Fic is an enzyme that acts as a thermostat that regulates the cell's response to stressors. This finding that was recently discovered can help in the making of several new treatments. 
  • Body temperature & Autoinflammatory disorder: People who are affected by the autoinflammatory disease are at a higher risk of triggering inflammatory responses with the rise in core body temperature.
  • Communication struggles during the pandemic: More than 90% of deaf people had difficulty communicating during the mandatory mask-wearing period in this pandemic.
  • Super-Agers: Super-Agers are older people with more fierce memory skills than younger people. A study conducted with these super-agers found out that they had comparatively larger neurons than any average younger person.
  • Genetically modified Herpes Virus: We are one step closer to beating cancer with this new study that uses a genetically modified herpes virus to delay cancer progression or even cure it.



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