• Metals and Fungal Infections.
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  • Healthy Bites: New virus in Russian Bat. Icy Swim for good health. Cortisol Flactuations. Microprotein of Alzheimer's.


Metals that heal Fungal Infections

A huge scope of developing innovative drugs has just been unlocked with this single study. Evaluating on, how certain special metals in chemical compounds can potentially heal deadly fungal infections. With 1 billion people contracting a fungal infection and 1.5 million dying each year, a call for a new drug was indeed needed. 

Developing new drugs each time becomes a challenge with the discovery of every new fungal strain that is already resistant to the available drug. Currently, only a dozen clinical trials are being done with new agents to find a possible cure to these increasing number of fungal diseases

The Wondrous Metals

Not just one or two, but 21 highly active metal compounds were put to test against several resistant fungal strains. Some of these metals are cobalt, nickel, rhodium, palladium, silver, europium, iridium, platinum, molybdenum, and gold. The results are as follows.

  • Many metals performed well against all fungal strains and were 30 thousand times more active against these fungi cells.
  • The topmost active compounds were then tested on the larvae of wax moths. Only one metal showed toxicity while others were well tolerated by the larvae. 
  • Finally, these metals were tested on an infectious model. Only one compound was found to be effective.

The Bigger Picture

The use of metals is not new in the healthcare industry. For instance, a platinum-containing drug Cisplatin is widely used for cancer. The promising results from this study pave the way to a future with hyper-effective antibiotics derived from metals. Yet again, it was proven that the potential of the periodic table is truly infinite.




  • AltaMed Foundation works tirelessly to eliminate disparities in healthcare. They make sure underserved community gets the quality healthcare that they deserve.
  • The Upside Fund has transformed the lives of so many families. Their motive is to help people with a huge amount of debt and make them debt free.
  • No one likes to file out lengthy and boring insurance paperwork. Well, with Oonology filing an out-of-network becomes a breeze.



  • New virus in Russian Bat: A virus similar to COVID-19 has recently been discovered in Russian bats. There is a high likelihood of this virus causing infection in humans. 
  • Icy Swim for good health: Next time when you have access to a nearby pool or lake, don’t forget to take a dip in that icy water. A recent study suggests that icy swims can cut bad fats and reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes.
  • Cortisol Fluctuations: New study finds low baseline cortisol levels may serve as a predictor of retention in treatment and rehabilitation programs for addiction.
  • Microprotein of Alzheimer's: A mutated version of SHMOOSE Microprotein that accumulates in the mitochondria of neurons increases the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease.



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