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Mimicking the structure of Living blood vessels

Out of the many things that scientist have made in labs, blood vessels seems to be the most mind-blowing.

In a recent discovery by the University of Sydney, the team was able to create a technology that makes it possible to produce materials that resemble the structure of living blood arteries, having a substantial impact on how the surgery will be performed in the future.

Manufacturing living blood vessels

Preclinical research revealed that after implanting the produced blood vessel into mice, the body accepted the material, leading to the growth of new cells and tissue in the appropriate locations, effectively converting it into a living blood vessel. 

New discovery & New Possibility 

Currently, when children have an abnormal vessel, surgeons are forced to utilize synthetic vessels. These vessels work well for a short time, but children inevitably require repeated procedures as they grow up.

This new cutting-edge technology offers an intriguing framework for the created blood vessels to continue to expand and change over time.



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  • It is a very kind gesture on the part of the Dental Lifeline Network to make information about accessible dental care available to adults and the elderly via their educational website.
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  • Cutting carbs: New research suggests that those at risk for diabetes can now benefit themselves by consuming fewer carbohydrates.
  • Brain waves detect concussion: New research reveals that a specific brain wave may aid in the diagnosis of concussions in high school football players and forecast the appropriate time for their return to play.
  • Rise in deadly strokes: Subarachnoid hemorrhage, a potentially fatal kind of stroke, is on the rise in the United States, especially among Black individuals, according to recent research.
  • Eating habits: According to a recent study, poor thermogenesis may be to blame for weight gain caused by eating at inappropriate times.



Can we be allergic to water?

Given that our bodies contain almost 60% water, it may seem unfathomable, but a very small percentage of people have an allergy to water. 

Of course, they can still consume the water. The issue is caused by washing. Their skin breaks out in itchy, red weals after just a few minutes in the shower or bathtub.

Aquagenic urticaria, the medical term for this uncommon illness, was originally recorded in 1964. The exact reason for it is unknown, however, it might be brought on by a toxic reaction when water comes in contact with the skin or by a high sensitivity to the ions in the water.




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