• Lab-grown hair follicle.
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost: The Upside Fund. AltaMed Foundation. Out-of-network
  • Healthy Bites: ALS finds new treatment. Benzene & Cancer. Prunes for bone health. Alcohol & fertility treatment.



Now hair grows in science labs

What once was seemingly impossible for an irreversible change like hair loss, now has been made possible with a talented Japanese research team who claim to have grown hair follicles in the lab

This can be the next big thing for hair loss and a moment of victory for bald individuals, especially men.

How was this made possible?

The system revolves around organoids, which are tiny, basic replicas of organs that researchers grow using stem cells in lab culture dishes.

By accurately simulating the interaction between the two types of embryonic cells, this team was able to produce hair follicle organoids. They then adjusted the cell spacing until they found a layout that encouraged hair follicle growth.

A step closer to eradicating hair loss

This study can lead to effective hair growth drugs and medications that can affect hair color pigmentation. 

What’s left to do is employ human stem cells for drug development and regenerative medicine applications to reconfirm the results and make them suitable for human consumption.



  • So many families have had their lives changed by The Upside Fund. Their goal is to relieve people of their overwhelming burden and help them become debt-free.
  • The AltaMed Foundation puts up a great effort to eradicate healthcare inequities. They see to it that the underserved community receives the superior healthcare they deserve.
  • OONOLOGY understands your pain of going through numerous paperwork to file an out-of-network claim. This is why they have made it easier to file one on their minimalistic website.



  • ALS finds new treatment: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a fatal nerveous system disorder, is being treated with a novel strategy that involves employing the patient's immune system T cells.
  • Benzene & Cancer: Some home gas stoves leak harmful air pollutants including benzene, which has been linked to cancer, according to recent research.
  • Prunes for bone health: According to a recent study, postmenopausal women who eat 5–6 prunes daily can halt the progression of osteoporosis compared to those who don't.
  • Alcohol & fertility treatment: Researchers discovered that drinking alcohol was linked to reduced success rates for both male and female reproductive treatments. While caffeine seems to be relatively safe.



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