• Obesity, A Neurodevelopment Disorder.
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  • Healthy Bites: Effective future antifungals. Calcium Supplements. Weight lifting. Dual Target.



Obesity, A Neurodevelopment Disorder

Obesity, once was once fixable with diet and exercise rehabilitation, has now become an epidemic, affecting 2 billion people globally. The United State alone has a long history of obesity (1 in 3 adults are overweight). 

The question is: is it the accessible junk food, lifestyle, and stress only contributing to obesity or there is more to the story? 

To answer this, research was conducted in which it was revealed that the molecular mechanism of brain development during early stages in life has a role to play in obesity risk. This information may change the way we approach obesity treatment to prevention.

Diving Deep inside the Brain

This study stressed, the part of the brain which is responsible for our food intake, metabolism, and physical activity. This region is known as the Arcuate Nucleus of the hypothalamus. Further observation revealed that this part undergoes rapid epigenetic maturation during early postnatal life. This specific period is sensitive to the developmental programming of body weight regulation. This led to the conclusion that these effects could be a consequence of dysregulated epigenetic maturation.

Final Thoughts

A similar set of data was collected from a mice model which was then compared with the human data. Surprisingly the genomic region that carried the information for epigenetic maturation in mice overlapped with that of the human genomic region associated with Body Mass Index. This association confirmed the fact that obesity risk in humans is determined by the epigenetic development in the arcuate nucleus.



  • American Kidney Fund offers a large spectrum of services like financial assistance and health education to people who here fighting kidney diseases.
  • American Heart Association is one of the biggest non-profits in the country that specializes in funding for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. They strive to improve the quality of life by taking care. Of the heart.
  • End all your frustrations over an out-of-network claim with OONOLOGY.



  • Effective future antifungals: Researchers have discovered the protein that controls cell growth in yeast. This very fact can be exploited to our benefit for making future antifungals since yeast and human cells have similar cellular configurations.
  • Calcium Supplements: study revealed the promising impacts of calcium supplements in women under 35. Calcium supplement alone improved bone mineral density levels of both the total body and femoral neck.
  • Weight lifting: Weight lifting isn't just for bodybuilders to enjoy. It is rather recommended by doctors to add weight lifting along with other aerobic exercises to enjoy a long healthy life.
  • Dual Target: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) accompanied by cognitive decline is not just a mere coincidence. Research has found that both RA & cognitive impairment share a similar underlying mechanism. This can help in the discovery of a new drug that targets both.



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