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Soon Your Smartphone Will Predict Mortality Risk 

We exist in an era where the dependency on fancy tech is the new trend. Strapping on a smartwatch before going for a run seems like a routine that didn’t exist a decade ago, but now is everyone’s lifestyle.

With that being said a new study reveals how population-level models of health and mortality risk can be built using passive smartphone monitoring of people's walking activities.

See how the experiment unfolds

A total number of 100,000 people who wore activity trackers with motion sensors for a week participated in the study. To replicate smartphone monitoring, the predictive algorithms solely used walking intensity.

The team just needed 6 minutes per day of steady walking data acquired by the sensor, along with conventional demographic factors, to adequately validate predictive models of mortality risk.

What happens next?

The equivalent gait speed determined from this passively obtained data was a predictor of 5-year death independent of age and sex. 

These findings demonstrate that passive motion sensor measurements of gait speed and walk tempo can be as accurate as active measuring methods. 

In the future, this approach may be scalable, granted the popularity of passive smartphone activity tracking makes population-level analysis utilizing similar measures possible.



  • HelpHopeLive is a community-based charity that raises money for those who have undergone organ transplants, have chronic illnesses, or have sustained other types of injuries.
  • A humanitarian aid organization called Direct Relief aims to better the lives and health of those who are living in extreme poverty.
  • Have questions on your find regarding an out-of-network claim? Check out OONOLOGY’s FAQs to get answers to every question you might have.



  • Activity Snack: According to a recent study, breaking up prolonged sitting with regular activity "snacks" may help maintain muscle mass and quality.
  • A new way to study proteins: There has been huge progress in the study of the proteins generated by cells, which may result in the creation of new diagnostic tools for ailments like cancer.
  • Unique Microglia: Researchers have discovered a brand-new variety of microglia in the brain of ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) wounded patients that are connected to stroke.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction: The molecular pathways behind mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic heart failure have been the subject of recent research.



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