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Stem Cell Treatment for Spina Bifida

Doctors witnessed a historic moment in healthcare when three babies were born after receiving the world's first Stem Cell treatment for Spina Bifida. This was made possible by a landmark clinical trial at UC Davis Health, with the help of Emily, the mother of the baby who volunteered to be a part of the first human trial.

Stem Cell treatment for Spina Bifida is a unique treatment administered in developing a fetus while still in the womb. 

Brief History of Spina Bifida

It is also known as myelomeningocele and develops during the early stages of pregnancy when spinal tissue fails to fuse properly. A variety of lifelong cognitive, mobility, urinary and gastrointestinal impairments can result from this developmental defect. Every year, it affects 1,500 to 2,000 kids in the United States. The diagnosis method includes Ultrasound.

The Big Day

After multiple trials on animal models, the day of the delivery (the first human trial) finally arrived leaving the doctors both excited and terrified. 

Emily was under general anesthesia while doctors made a small incision in her uterus. Then the fetus was floated up to the point of the uterine incision to expose the spine and detect the Spina bifida defect.

Ever so carefully the doctors placed the stem cell patch over the fetus’s exposed spine, making a historic step. After allowing the tissue to regenerate, the doctors finally declared the surgery a success.



  • The National Brain Tumour Society (NBTF) is on a mission to unite and advocate for patients with brain tumors. They do so by relentlessly investing in ways that’ll improve the current treatment and also have set out to find a new cure.
  • A Christian organization called MAP International helps those in need by giving them access to life-changing medications and medical supplies. MAP provides services to all individuals, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, nationality, or ethnic heritage.
  • Filing an out-of-network claim with OONOLOGY has become child’s play. Their website sums up everything in the easiest manner possible.



  • CDC on Monkeypox: According to CDC’s report, monkeypox in the United States ain't going anywhere anytime soon. The current rate of transmission might be slow but full eradication of monkeypox is not possible soon.
  • SAD: Fall is right around the corner and so is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is a form of depression in which a person's feelings and behavior may be affected by repeating seasonal patterns, especially during dark autumn and winter months.
  • Collagen for skin: Due to collagen depletion over the years in individuals, collagen has become a holy grail ingredient in every anti-aging skincare routine.
  • Alzheimer’s from blood sample: Researchers have developed a technique to identify biomarkers in blood samples that indicate the build-up of amyloid beta in the brain, an indication of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Comfort eating: Munching on a pack of chips after dinner is something we all have collectively done on stressful days. Stress affects our eating habits has already a known fact but it's hard to point out what causes this type of behavior.



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