• The rabbit hole of Procrastination.
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost: Benefits CheckUp. The Trevor Project. OONOLOGY
  • Healthy Bites: Snacking & sleep deprivation. Finger lock. Almonds boost gut health. Genetic clue of high cholesterol. Lifestyle of parents.



The rabbit hole of Procrastination

Everybody delays doing something occasionally. Whether it be paying the bills, scheduling a doctor's appointment, finishing an assignment for school, or meeting a deadline at work. Eventually, we get trapped in the vicious cycle of procrastination which is comparable to falling into quicksand.

Studies that estimated procrastination

  • According to estimates, 20% of adults in the US consistently put off doing things and procrastinate. 
  • Another study highlighted that 75% of college students are chronic procrastinators who are dealing with stress and anxiety due to it.
  • In contrast to being assigned a task with a 1-month deadline, a 1-week deadline or no deadline was found to increase people's likelihood of finishing the assignment.

What happens to our brains when we procrastinate?

Procrastination arises from the conflict between our limbic system which seeks comfort and the frontal cortex which helps in decision making and planning.

Procrastinators also have a reduced functional relationship with the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex.

 Another study revealed that the decision to procrastinate is made in the anterior cingulate cortex. They also created an algorithm to predict whether or not a person will procrastinate.



  • Benefits CheckUp is the place to go if you need assistance for senior people with low incomes who need healthcare and other necessities.
  • An excellent resource for anyone seeking assistance with their mental health The Trevor Project has improved accessibility and made it simpler to ask for assistance.
  • Still, procrastinating to file your out-of-network claim? Check out OONOLOGY they have the quickest way to file one on their website



  • Snacking & sleep deprivation: Researchers looking at children's sleep and eating patterns have discovered further information concerning a possible cause of juvenile obesity. Researchers discovered that kids who don't get enough sleep tend to eat more calories the following day.
  • Finger lock: After often identifying the problem in individuals who had or developed diabetes, researchers began to speculate that this trigger finger, which frequently affects the ring finger or thumb, might be an indication of the disease.
  • Almonds boost gut health: A new study found that eating a handful of almonds daily, dramatically improves the creation of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that supports gut health.
  • Genetic clue of high cholesterol: According to a recent study, the genetic basis of high cholesterol in everyone may be revealed by the identification of a genetic mutation that is very frequent in Polynesian heritage but incredibly rare in most other cultures.
  • Lifestyle of parents: A mouse study offers fresh insights into how parental activity enhances the metabolic health of offspring.



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