• Topicals for Gum Diseases.
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost: Angel Flight Northeast. The Women’s Fund. Oonology. 
  • Healthy Bites: Molecule behind Liver disease. Environment receptive Virus. Threats of Inulin. Global warming. OTC hearing aid.


Topicals For Gum diseases

This right here is probably the most ingenious idea that’ll simply live of adults in their 30s or above, the vulnerable age group who are prone to frequent gum diseases. Researchers have come up with a topical treatment to treat and prevent periodontal diseases. This topical gel was able to reduce inflammation by 50% in mice models.

Traditional methods include scaling, antibiotic medications, or surgical options if needed. All these methods require severe human intervention. This called for the need for an easily accessible topical gel that works equally well.

The backstory of Gum diseases

We constantly use our mouths to eat, breathe & communicate. While doing so bacteria and food particles get stuck between our teeth, which can deplete our dental health. When not cleaned regularly it leads to the formation of a sticky substance called plaque which darkens over time (tartar). All these build finally cause gum diseases for which the symptoms are listed below.

  • Red, swollen, bleeding gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Separating teeth
  • Changes to your bite pattern

Promising Future for Gum diseases

The topical gel managed to reduce inflammation, and bone loss and changed the bacterial composition inside the mouth of the mice model. Very similar results were observed when it was applied to human gum cells. This topical targets blocking the receptor for succinate. With these promising results in hand researchers are taking a step ahead to make oral strips along with the gel. This topical gel brings you to the dentist right at home.



  • Need emergency transport for a healthcare emergency? Worry not Angel Flight Northeast will arrange free air and ground transportation facilities for you to access your healthcare needs.
  • The Women’s Fund is a great resource for anyone who needs assistance and tools that are associated with women's health.
  • Don’t know how to file an out-of-network claim? OONOLOGY has to be the a simple tool  for you.



  • Molecule behind Liver disease: A molecule has been traced down which is primarily responsible for irregular growth of bile duct cells which causes many liver diseases.
  • Environment receptive Virus: A fascinating study finds out that viruses are highly receptive to what’s going on in their environment and act accordingly to kill the host cells.
  • Threats of Inulin: High consumption of Inulin, a refined fiber, may increase the risk of liver cancer, according to a new study.
  • Global warming:  As the temperature rises around the globe, so does the risk of cardiovascular diseases. A recent study discovered the link between global warming and deteriorating the heart.
  • OTC hearing aid: A brand new market drop that’ll change the lives of many people with hearing disabilities, over-the-counter hearing aids are finally here and will be available by mid-October.



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