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  • Reduce Healthcare Cost: Air Charity Network. Direct Relief. Out-of-network.
  • Healthy Bites: Goodness of Olive Oil. Dogs sniffing stress. Loneliness. Bionic Pancrease.
  • Medical Mysteries: The Tale of King George.



Hey Siri, tell me about hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is probably the most talked about topic of the last two years with the ongoing pandemic. Regular hand washing and sanitizing have made hands the most attended part of our body. To further help with that, thermal imaging is offered by a portable mini camera that is compatible with any iPhone. This technology uses a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal camera to judge the skin temperature after applying sanitizer.

How does it work?

Thermal imaging can be used to examine the efficacy of the sanitizer application. It gives an idea of coverage and missing spots we might get while applying it. This technology is based on the temperature drop after applying sanitizer due to evaporation. This camera comes with a handy app that makes the whole system fit into an iPhone. 

Some Study Highlight

  • The thermal imaging could predict the precise temperature at three different points on the hand of the user (mid-palm, third fingertip, tip of thumb) and four distinct times (before sanitizer application, righter after application, 1 min later, 2 min later). 
  • A significant temperature drop was observed uniformly on all parts of the hand after sanitization. 
  • This device can also be used as a tool to predict the right amount of sanitizer one needs. The resulting image of participants with large hands showed that recommended amount was insufficient to even reach their fingertips.



  • Through their connections with many other organizations, Air Charity Networkarranges free air transportation for children and adults in need across the United States.
  • Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization that works to improve the health and lives of poverty-ridden people.
  • Got 99 other problems, but filing an out-of-network claim isn't one with OONOLOGY.



  • The goodness of Olive Oil: That delicious drizzle of olive over a fresh pizza sure sounds heavenly. This tiny drizzle of olive oil can help with lowering blood pressure and offer anti-inflammatory properties and a lot of antioxidants.
  • Dogs sniffing stress: Yes that’s right, these balls of sunshine can detect psychological stress with an accuracy of 75.93% from samples of breath and sweat in humans.
  • Loneliness: Loneliness, hopelessness, and unhappiness accelerate aging more than smoking does, according to a new study.
  • Bionic Pancrease: This is a brand new technology that might beat the mainstream treatment for type 1 diabetes. The device is called iLet Bionic Pancrase which makes tracking sugar levels and administration of insulin for type 1 diabetes patients a whole lot easier.



 The Tale of King George


We are going back in time to look at one of the oldest medical mysteries. The British King, George III suffered from severe delirium to the point when retracement was the only last way to tame him.

Later on, scientists speculated it to be a genetic disorder called Porphyria. Fast forward to a couple of more years, in 2005 after a thorough examination of King’s hair, a high concentration of arsenic was found.

Was it Porphyria or the arsenic that was causing this misery? It was both. The medicines given to the king were heavily contaminated with arsenic which made Porphyria far worse.



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