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505 Dental Associates

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505 Dental Associates

Dentist in the Bronx NYC - reliable, affordable quality dental care for your whole family. Here you’ll find a state-of-the-art dental clinic located in the Bronx. Our best rated dentists open on Saturday and Sunday and are committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care in a warm and welcoming Bronx dental clinic. No matter what kind of dental care you need, you can find it at our family dentistry center, including A family dentistry practice to take care of you from your first tooth to full dentures A general dentist who can handle everything from a routine dental cleaning to a gum graft, should you ever need that Cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening and dental implants Emergency dental procedures for broken teeth or broken dentures Saturday dentist hours and appointments available for a dentist open on Sunday as well The office staff is friendly, attentive and professional when it comes to caring for your oral health.

Our dentists not only provide the best care, but also do our best to educate you about your dental care and your options when you need dental work. You’re involved in a conversation as part of your relationship with your dentist. It’s a different approach that works.Every member of your family, from your littlest ones to your great grandparents, deserves dental work that’s conscious of your pain level. You’ve come in to see the dentist in the Bronx either for a regularly scheduled exam and cleaning or because you’re in pain. Pain-free dental work by the dentists is at the core of this dentistry center. The first step is listening to what’s going on and checking your symptoms. Family dental issues can cover a broad range, but our family and cosmetic dentistry center focuses on prevention because the best way to treat dental problems is to avoid them.

Our dental specialists can handle every dental problem.General dentists look at your entire mouth, from the core of your teeth to your jawbone — and everything in between. That makes them the best periodontists in NYC.Most insurance is accepted at your Saturday dentist in the Bronx NYC. In addition to superior service, friendly staff and top-notch dentists, dentistry center is open every Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. You can even ask for Sunday dentist hours by appointment. The convenience and professionalism you’ll find here make it easy to care for your dental health. Access oral medicine to treat the root cause of your tooth pain; come in today.

The range of procedures, the attention to detail and the concern for your well-being are all highlights of being a patient at this dentist open on Saturday. With the latest technology, you’ll get the care you need at an affordable price. But you can’t be diagnosed over the phone.When you’re considering cosmetic dental work, it’s comforting to know your cosmetic dentist is equally concerned about your dental health and beautiful smile. Beneath every cosmetic treatment must lie healthy teeth and gums, otherwise your cosmetic procedure won’t last. And because these dentists, open on Saturdays and Sundays, make it convenient for you, you don’t have to miss time at work to have your procedures completed.The team of best rated dentists in The Bronx NYC believes that a healthy mouth is a happy mouth.

Your smile can open doors and open hearts, so it’s important to take good care of it. When children get to know their dentist at a very early age, they build trust and may even look forward to going to the dentist. The days of traumatic and painful dentist visits are a thing of the past. Set your children up with a lifetime of good oral health habits and regular dentist visits. Restorative dentistry ensures your basic dental needs are met and that you know how to maintain your teeth and gums. And if you decide to engage in cosmetic procedures in the future, you can visit the same family dentist. Top NYC dentists in the Bronx treat everyone in your family, from babies to seniors, so you don’t need to go separate places for the best oral care.We are pleased to be serving the community of the Bronx NYC.

We offer high-quality family and cosmetic dental care at a reasonable price. The most important person in our family dental center is YOU, and our dentists do our best to demonstrate the commitment to you every time you visit our dental clinic.

Address 505 Claremont Parkway, Bronx
New York 10457, United States
Phone 718-299-3600
Business Hours Mon: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tue - Thu: 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
Fri: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM
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