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Can claims be submitted to Medicare/Medicaid or HMO plans?

No; Medicare/Medicaid and HMO plans do not allow out of network claim submission.

What is the fee?

Your first claim is free and $3.99 per claim after that.

How quickly will I be reimbursed?

If approved, you will receive the amount toward your deductible or direct reimbursement from your insurance company usually within 30-45 days.

Where does my reimbursement go?

Any reimbursement will go directly from the insurance company to you.

Does Oonology guarantee reimbursement from my insurance?

No. However, most private health insurance plans do have some out-of-network benefits. We suggest that you check with your insurance company to be certain.

Can I submit claims for other people?

Yes. If you are legally authorized to file claims on another’s behalf (i.e. children, spouse, etc.), then you can submit their claims from your dashboard.

Where is my information stored and who has access?

All of your information is stored in an encrypted and secured server designed with HIPAA compliance guidelines.
We do not sell your information.

My claim was denied. Does Oonology help to resubmit?

Yes. You can make corrections and resubmit your claim in your dashboard.

There is no cost for resubmitting a claim.

Can I submit past claims?

Yes. You can submit claims with a date of service as far back as 12 months.

Can I submit more than one claim?

Submit as many claims needed in one session. You can always log in to your dashboard to submit additional claims.

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