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What are the different membership plans I can choose from?

We at Diamond Physicians are proud to offer affordable healthcare services to our clients. Our membership plans are based on age and vary depending on location and provider. Our average cost across all locations is $150 per month for an Adult and $75 per month for a child. Please contact your desired location for exact pricing.

 All of our membership levels come with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited visits
  • Discounts on labs, imaging, and generic prescriptions
  • Unlimited urgent care procedures
  • Annual physical exam (including EKG)
  • In-office medications
  • Point of care testing
  • Direct access to your provider 24/7
  • Standard Diamond offering is not available at the Southlake location of Destination Health

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

After the first 90 days of your introductory membership period have passed, you may cancel your membership with 30 days’ written notice (letter or email).

Why should I choose to become a Diamond member?

We truly care about our clients. Our doctors have extensive experience taking care of patients holistically and stress the importance of proactive medicine instead of reactive medicine. Each one of our physicians sees no more than 600 patients, whereas a traditional family practice sees anywhere from  3,000 to 4,000 patients or more. Our clients receive the extensive face-to-face time with a physician required to adequately treat, diagnose, and prevent chronic disease.

I am a physician that would like to join the Diamond Physicians family. Do you offer franchise opportunities?

Yes, we offer franchise and joint venture opportunities. We are always looking for physicians who share our passion and commitment to practicing a more personalized and holistic approach to medicine. We have plans to open more office locations in Texas and across the country. To learn more about partnering with Diamond, please contact us here.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Think of Direct Primary Care as a membership medicine model without insurance that is much more affordable than traditional concierge medicine
  •  24/7 access to a board certified physician by phone, e-mail, text, in person and video conference
  • Dial your doctor directly
  • Same day appointments
  • Unlimited visits and zero copay
  • All medically necessary procedures, medications, point of care labs included with no hidden charges
  • Access to mobile imaging that comes to you
  • Full minor emergency and urgent care procedures performed at no additional cost
  • House calls available for additional fees
  • Comprehensive personalized care with extended visits and zero wait

How does insurance work with Diamond Care?

  • Diamond membership fees are not covered by traditional insurance
  • We have insurance specialists available to add supplemental catastrophic coverage to Diamond plans
  • In many cases this approach will save money while providing exponentially superior care

How will the Affordable Care Act affect me?

  • 30 million plus new patients with insurance will further stress the existing physician shortage making wait times even longer than they are currently
  • Insurance premiums will continue to rise, networks are shrinking, access to healthcare is plummeting
  • Direct primary care guarantees access to your Diamond Physician 24 hours a day

What about specialists?

  • Diamond membership provides access to a network of skilled specialists
  • Diamond will expedite referrals drastically reducing wait times to see a specialist
  • Traditional insurance will cover specialist visits and discounted cash prices are available as well

What is the Diamond 360 Exam?

  • The Diamond 360 Advanced Physical Exam is an evidence based method used to prevent, detect, and reverse hidden heart attack and stroke risk
  • Using non invasive arterial scans, electron beam tomography; advanced full body scan, genetic analysis, vascular inflammatory markers, advanced cholesterol studies, and in depth blood sugar and insulin analysis, Diamond creates a customized plan to elevate your health and prevent devastating cardiovascular events
  • One flat fee includes all testing and management of disease for one year

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