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Does DigiDrs offer their concierge registration team for Pennsylvania patients?

No, this service is not needed for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program since the bulk of registration must occur from the patients side prior to the provider submitting their recommendation to the state.

Does my out of state medical cannabis license work in Pennsylvania?

No, the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program does not recognize out of state licenses at this time.

Once registered for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program can I grow cannabis?

No, patients of this program are currently prohibited from growing cannabis and must purchase cannabis from an approved Pennsylvania medical marijuana program dispensary.

Are there any restrictions to registering with the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program?

You must reside in the state of Pennsylvania in order to qualify for registration with this program and you must have a licensed Pennsylvania medical marijuana provider recommendation.

What type of cannabis forms are available in Pennsylvania to approved patients?

Flowers, topicals, capsules, liquids, and tinctures are available for purchase from dispensaries once registered into the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. Edibles are not available at this time.

What is the cost to register the recommendation with Pennsylvania and have them mail me a card?

The state of Pennsylvania charges patients $50 to create and mail the physical card to them. This fee is separate from the charge to be evaluated and approved by a provider with DigiDrs.

What is DigDrs refund policy?

Patients may receive a full refund of the cost of the visit up until their evaluating provider has submitted their information to the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. Once the information has been submitted to the state refunds are no longer available.

What is the cost of a Pennsylvania medical marijuana recommendation with DigiDrs.com?

It is $199 once approved by your evaluating physician. Patients are not charged if not approved. Returning DigiDrs patients receive $10 off from their second visit. Promotional codes are also offered for patient referrals.

When does a Pennsylvania Certification Expire?

A Pennsylvania medical cannabis recommendation may last up to one year or shorter depending on the evaluating provider’s clinical decision.

What Are The Benefits Of Having a Medical Marijuana Card In A Legal State?

You get lower prices, a higher possession limit, and access to medical-only dispensaries. You will also get stronger weed than what’s available for recreational purposes. And it is easier to move your stash out of state if you have a valid medical marijuana card.

What Is A Medical Marijuana Card?

This government-issued identification allows people (age 18+) to buy medical marijuana in a dispensary. Anyone with this card gets to buy more cannabis than recreational users, and it can also be issued to caregivers with approved patients.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Also known as medical cannabis, medical marijuana comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Healthcare professionals recommended it as an alternative treatment for chronic pain, PTSD, and epilepsy. And the difference between medical cannabis and recreational marijuana is the amount of CBD (medicinal component) in it.

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