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How does this work with private health insurance?

Dr. Kurzet will try to provide as much care as you need within your Transition Health membership. When external medical care is required, Dr. Kurzet will send your lab tests, imaging, prescriptions, and referrals to providers that are covered by your private health insurance

Is this a kind of health insurance?

No. Transition Health is a medical practice operating under a membership model, or contracted with OHP insurance. We recommend also having health insurance with at least catastrophic coverage. Direct primary care works especially well with high deductible health insurance, as the cost of membership is well below most deductibles and can help prevent you from reaching that level of expense.

Can you care for my whole family?

Yes! As a family physician, Dr. Kurzet has experience caring for people at all stages of life from prenatal to hospice. Your family group is not limited to blood relatives and legal contracts, but rather is based on your chosen family.

What is direct primary care?

Direct primary care is a way to give you the best access to your doctor. Your call/text/email goes directly to your doctor rather than an assistant. Your doctor responds rapidly, usually within a few hours, to answer your questions and take care of you. If you need a visit, it happens within hours to days rather than weeks later. You pay the doctor directly rather than paying through your insurance, and there are no copays or other fees. You still use your insurance to cover any prescriptions, tests, and imaging. This system often results in higher quality medical care for a lower cost, since your doctor is working directly for you.

What does it cost?

We are in the process of applying to be in network with the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) CCOs in Lane County, PacificSource and Trillium. If approved, then your OHP insurance will cover the cost of your care at Transition Health at its usual rates.

If you don’t have OHP, direct primary care membership at Transition Health is $110/month for the first adult and $90/month for additional adults in your group. Membership for people ages 0-17 is $60/month. This includes all in-person, video, phone, text, and email visits, rapid access to Dr. Kurzet, and procedures like skin biopsies and joint injections. All imaging and lab tests are sent to external providers and are steeply discounted. We will also help you find better prices on medications.

Please apply if you are interested in a Community Fund grant to help with the cost of your health care.

What is primary care?

Primary care is the first point of contact for your health. It encompasses wellness and preventive measures, diagnosis of new problems, control of chronic conditions, treatment for sudden illnesses and injuries, and referral to specialists when necessary. The goal of primary care at Transition Health is to help you become and stay as healthy as possible for the duration of your life.

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