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Glover Family Medicine

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Glover Family Medicine

At Glover Family Medicine, we believe in an ideal doctor-patient relationship. We ask our patients how they figure ideal medical practice and try to provide such services to the best of our ability. We make the best effort in creating a comfortable, patient-oriented clinic with extended appointment lengths. We give great importance to affordability, continuity, and time to connect with clients.

Glover Family Medicine has chosen Direct Primary Care as payment and care model. Here, you can opt for an affordable monthly membership fee as the mode of payment directly with your doctor. In this way, we can avoid the involvement of insurance.

The DPC model is suitable for everyone. People with high deductible insurance, self-employed, health share members, uninsured people, owners, and members of small businesses - everyone can benefit from this model. Glover Family Medicine's Direct Primary Care is best for people who seek a great relationship with the doctor.

Address 1840 Deer Creek Rd, Suite 101, ​Monument
Colorado 80132, United States
Phone 719-344-2789
Business Hours Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM


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