Hearthstone Primary Care

Hearthstone Primary Care

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Hearthstone Primary Care

Dr. Jesper Brickley has a direct primary care practice at Hearthstone Primary Care.  The focus is comprehensive wellness management and a patient-centered approach. When you get sick, you need prompt access to your doctor. When you are well, your doctor needs the time to spend with you to keep you well on a deeper level.

Dr. Brickley uses a holistic approach to healing the whole person and always work in harmony with your system of values.

The smaller practice means better attention and focus on each patient. In our practice, longer visits (typically 30-60 minutes) are the norm, allowing us to fully understand your needs.

Specializing in complex medical needs, Dr. Brickley uses a integrative, hands-on approach. Your treatment plan may include osteopathic, nutritional, biospychosocial, mechanical/anatomical, and energetic therapies.

As a direct primary care patient, you have virtually 24/7 access to your doctor through various modes of communication (i.e., phone/email/text), as well as same day or next day appointments with your doctor.

We put patient needs first. Untethered to an insurance or hospital network, we communicate and contract directly with our patients, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

(Note: Dr. Brickley does not bill any insurance.)

This streamlined approach allows for improved patient access, direct doctor-patient communication, and transparency in health care costs.

Address 152 Grafton Road, Townshend
Vermont 05353, United States
Phone 802-365-4318


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