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Jessica Davis MD

My patients are looking for someone who will truly listen to them and spend more time during appointments, someone who respects and understands their interest in natural health and won't routinely jump straight to drugs, someone who will make recommendations then let them make their own empowered decisions about their care.

Basically, my patients are looking for the best of both worlds; someone who can help them navigate the medical system if they need it (this is especially important when you have a new baby) but who focuses on wellness, prevention and the root cause of issues by using a functional, integrative approach.

I have set up this practice to be sustainable for myself and my patients. I enjoy having relaxed visits with time to listen to you, focus on your individual situation, and create personalized treatment plans rather than relying on protocol.

Benefits of my practice include: longer visits (30-60 minutes) direct access to me either via phone or secure portal email treatment plans that include lifestyle and nutrition counseling a (mostly) paperless office with electronic records and a secure patient portal lactation expertise and support for nursing mothers a generally minimalist, integrative approach that considers physical, psychological, social, environmental and spiritual components of health and illness.

I see myself as your trusted advisor. I am here to investigate, support, teach and advise. I bring my expertise from training and experience with other patients. I take the time to listen to your story. I provide high quality care that is personal, attentive and accessible.

I work to understand and address the root causes behind your condition rather than reaching for a quick (but unsustainable) fix. You are the expert on you (or your children). You bring your own research, your experience of your condition, and your insights into what you think is going on.

You are in charge of making the decisions for you and your family. We each bring our experience and expertise to the visit.

We discuss options thoughtfully and respectfully. We make a plan and work on that plan over time.

We create a doctor-patient relationship that is built on trust, respect and connection.

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