Birds and Bees

Birds and Bees


Fertility Client, Mum to Jack


“Our journey to having our baby boy was a long and exhausting one. After 5 years struggling to conceive naturally, our next option was IVF, or so we thought.
I heard of Kathleen through a friend, so we decided to see her as a last resort prior to starting IVF. She showed me how to recognise my fertile times and taught me a lot more about my fertility, which helped me become more attuned to my body.

She assessed me and found that I was deficient in many important nutrients. She organised an amazing pre-conception plan and taught me how to incorporate foods and a healthier lifestyle into my daily living.

It wasn’t long before I started to see clearer skin, better hair and experienced clear thinking like never before. Then I started losing weight and people commented on how great I looked – what a bonus! After 5 months of being on the Birds & Bees program we found out we were pregnant. My pregnancy was problem free, and we now are the proud, happy parents of our son Jack.

Thank you Kathleen! We are forever grateful.”

Fertility Client & Mum-to-be


“Following the birth of my daughter in 2012, I was diagnosed with retained placenta and 1 month later had to undergo a D&C to remove the retained products. I didn’t realise until we started trying for a second baby almost 2 years later, that this operation had left me with Asherman’s syndrome, where adhesions form in the lining of the uterus and in my case, the uterus stuck together, making conception impossible. Following an operation to attempt to repair this situation, I was put in touch with Kathleen through a mutual friend who knew I was looking for some sort of additional support to help improve my chance of recovery. At first Kathleen provided me with some nutritional advice and recommended an enzyme to take that would help heal the scar tissue in my womb and give my body the best chance of repairing the damage that had been done. Once we’d undergone a more thorough discussion about my health and I’d had a hair sample tested to see if I was deficient in any minerals, Kathleen recommended supplements, a diet plan and lifestyle suggestions that combined would help me heal, and work towards improving my chances of a healthy conception.

Throughout what was quite a dark time in my life, facing the uncertainty of whether I’d have another child, Kathleen remained positive and I found speaking to her and reading her emails very motivating. Knowing that the lifestyle choices I was now making had a purpose and reminding myself of that was really uplifting. I’ve met several health care professional along the way, who have been quite negative and not given me much hope, but Kathleen was able to talk me around and snap me out of any self pitying thoughts.

I was completely shocked and in disbelief when a few months later I found out I was pregnant. Since then, Kathleen has provided me with continuing support and encouragement, and recommended supplements and advice for each stage of my pregnancy, which so far is going smoothly. Now, holding my new born baby in my arms doesn’t seem like an unattainable dream but something that will soon be reality.

I know that through the work I’ve done with Kathleen, I’ve given my baby the best possible start and that’s all that any of us can do. I’ve also recognised the importance of eating well and finding time for relaxation, things that I had thought were impossible to do when you have a 2 year old, but that Kathleen has helped me to fit into my daily life with little difficulty. I don’t know if I would be where I am now without her support, advice and motivation.”

Bounce-out-of-Bed Client

Jan - Wandsworth

“I finally feel back in control of my body – no longer a slave to sugar cravings. I now believe I can keep going and get back to the real me: slim, fit and healthy. Mentally, I feel so much more positive. Best money I ever spent!”

Bounce-out-of-Bed Client

Lucy - Fulham

“After my cleanse I felt much lighter, less bloated, more clear headed, more energy and just much healthier.”

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Client

Kate - Surrey

“I have lost 3 kg which is great and some centimeters across the board but it is how I feel that is the biggest pleasure. I plan to continue on this programme”

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Client

Irene - Ditchling

“In total, I lost 4 kg! The best thing is 5cm from my waist. My hubby lost 17 pounds, and we are going to continue on the plan. We both feel great!”